196 063,00 Ft


Nincs raktáron

NT1 Platform. Since the first release of the NT1 back in 2007, it has enjoyed some of the greatest successes around the world, and been one of the most popular nitro touring cars around. The success of the NT1 has been the result of ongoing development and improvement based on feedback from Team XRAY and customers worldwide. I am very proud to present to you the latest evolution and best-ever performing nitro touring car�the new NT1. Winner of multiple "Car of the Year" awards and dominating winner of all major titles � including World Champion, European Champion, USA Champion, Asian Champion and dozens of National champion titles all around the world � the NT1 continues to prove its unbeatable racing pedigree. With XRAY's uncompromising design philosophy bringing everything together to make the best nitro touring car, the NT1 has the unique XRAY character, born of precision craftsmanship, highest attention to detail, and using only the finest quality materials. For drivers with an irrepressible drive to win, the NT1 is the answer. Smooth flowing lines, distinctive design touches, a sculpted lightweight platform � the NT1 is an expression of power, dramatic styling, superior technology, pure luxury and performance. The ultimate expression of racing passion. The art of performance. NT1. Martin Hudy XRAY NT1 Designer